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Best Stream for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

    Best Stream for UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

    Which stream is good for UPSC | CSE exam

    Fun and climax go on in student life, because while being a student, there is something else about enjoying school life. But when it comes to the result, then such a climax is made that you know what the result is going to be? It is no less than a film scene, in which the heart beat increases and why the hero’s entry has not happened till now.

    When the student has passed the class tenth with a good score, then a big stage of his educational journey is crossed, but ahead of him? Next to that which subjects should be selected to go to class XI. This is also no less than a thriller and suspense story and the student has such a clear mindset that he has to crack the UPSC civil services exam and becoming an IAS is his career goal, then selecting the stream becomes an even bigger challenge for him. .

    That is, which stream will help in UPSC and CSE exams, Science, Commerce or Humanities? This becomes a big question which would hardly do anything other than confuse.

    If you want to see more complex version of confusion then it appears when student has passed 12th class from Science or Commerce and now he wants to shift to Humanities stream in Graduation so as to clear CSE i.e. Civil Services Exam. To match the syllabus. Even then he keeps getting the same confusion that should I do this? should do that? So friends, there is a lot of breakup as to what, how and when to do it. That is, if you want to clear UPSC, CSE, then from which stream you should continue studying.

    Whether you have come to Eleventh or are about to take admission in college. When such questions keep roaming in your mind, forget to focus on the study and it would be better to find the answer to this question first and therefore to clear your confusion, we have made this post so that the confusion is removed from your mind and You can maintain your target on UPSC exam. So read this post till the end today.

    Basic knowledge of UPSC

    Upsc is one of the hottest exams in India. That is, if you want to crack this exam then you have to put full emphasis and it is hard, that means it does not mean that UPSC will not be right for you. Or is impostable for you. If the strategy is right then nothing impossible happens.

    You can become an IAS officer by clearing this UPSC and CSE exam and this national level exam is held once in a year.

    The minimum education for this exam is a graduation degree and the minimum age is 21 years.

    This exam is completed in three phases. Prelims, Mains and Personality Test.

    One of the major reasons for the toughness of this exam is its large syllabus, which is a challenging task to complete on time, and you already know the high level of competition.

    As far as the challenge of covering the syllabus is concerned, if the preparation is started from the school level, then it can be covered easily and a strong command can also be made on the basics and as far as the competition is concerned, do not be afraid to perform. To do

    By doing this two challenges can be overcome, but another major challenge is of subjects, stream, that is, which stream should be studied in school or college to get help in IAS syllabus, get extra advantage and previous. A good score can be scored on the basis of knowledge.

    Best Stream for UPSC | CSE Exam

    So for this, it is important for you to understand that even if you have Science, Arts or Commerce stream and want to prepare for IAS ie UPSC and CSE exam at the same time, then absolutely do it because whatever your stream is your constant effort, dedication. The discipline, passion for this position, and the strategy to cover the syllabus can make you clear the exam and many students also clear this exam from their stream.

    Arts Stream

    But if you are not precise about any stream and your priority is to crack the IAS exam and take extra advantage in its preparation, then the best stream for you can be Humanities ie Arts and why so. This is because Humanities students have the advantage that the knowledge of the subjects they have, proves useful in all the stages of CSE.

    Subjects like History, Public Administration, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Economics

    Major syllabus of General Studies papers prepares and most of these subjects appear in the optional subject list of UPSC.

    These subjects offered in the arts stream are available as optional subjects, which students select for the mains exam.

    • political science
    • History
    • Geography
    • economics
    • psychology
    • sociology
    • public administration
    • Philosophy

    That is, if you complete the degree in any 1 of the subjects like Geography, Sociology and Public Administration then it will definitely help you in the Civil Services Exam because you will have a lot of previous knowledge of these subjects and you will have extra time in the basic of these subjects. You will not have to spend in knowing, but by studying your previous knowledge at an advanced level, you will be able to increase your chances more and you know that how important is the role of time in exam preparation.

    Humanities stream can save you a lot of time in the process of fulfilling your dream of exams like UPSC and CSE, which you can invest in preparing for the next level.

    Humanities ie Arts stream can help you a lot in preparing and cracking the IAS exam.

    But it is important to mention that even if you are not from arts or humanities, then IAS exam can be cracked by following the right strategy.

    Science and commerce stream

    Students who are from Science or Engineering background. Or are from commerce stream, they can choose such optional subject from which they can relate the most and which subject they find interesting.

    By the way, STEM means that for the preparation of UPSC, students have to take knowledge of completely new subjects, about which they may not even know anything special before. In such a situation, extra time and extra support will be needed to become familiar with those subjects.

    So they should take extra time and start preparation a little earlier with full seniority.

    Because then your chances will become strong to crack this exam and become an IAS officer.

    In this entire journey of exam preparation, you have to always avoid these two thoughts. First of all, if you are studying Arts stream then you will easily crack UPSC and CSE exam because this is not the complete truth. That’s because the stream can support you, but only with your effort, strategy and passion.

    Therefore, whether it is arts or commerce or science, you will step into this field only with a firm intention.

    The second thought is that if you are from science or commerce stream then your chances are very less. Thinking like this would not be supportive at all and it is not true either. So put your best efforts with your opinion, strategy, passion and consistency so that your efforts are not missed and you can crack this exam with your favorite stream.

    So friends, in this way now you can decide that if you want to clear UPSC and CSE then what kind of mindset, which stream and what kind of intention will have to be chosen.

    We hope you enjoy this post. Thank you so much for reading the post till the end.