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Build a good photography studio

    Build a good photography studio

    Nothing can be better than photography to capture any of your memorable moments. Even today, when we get an old picture or album of ours, we feel very happy looking at those old photos, we remember our past. Nowadays photography has become very advanced and modern. There are a lot of options like Wedding Pre Wedding Anniversary, Engagement, Parties, Religious, Rituals, Exam Passout, Degree, Ceremony Press Release, Media and so on which a photographer is needed and people are ready to spend money according to the need. So in today’s post, you will know how you can open your photography studio.

    Build a good photography studio
    Build a good photography studio

    The photography business has become more than 1 crores and is growing at a growth rate of 25 to 30% every year. An average photo studio in India does a business of 50 thousand to one lakh rupees every month comfortably. If the photographer is good and the social networking is good, then this income increases manifold.

    Photography studio cost

    You know what it takes to open your studio. First of all, let’s talk about investment because it takes a lot of costs to open a photography studio. For professional photography in the hands of a cameraman, there must be a camera of at least 3 to 5 lakhs.

    After that one to one and a half lakh rupees for lights, utensils of different colors, at least 40 to 50000 for the cottage. The cost of the electricity computer or system on which the editing will be done is about 1.5 lakh rupees.

    Professional software such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. You will have to take a monthly or yearly subscription, the details of which will be known to you from the Adobe website.

    Apart from this, things used for lighting to decorate the studio and during photography are called props such as telephone, tape recorder, bicycle, hat, wooden, table, light, box, guitar, photo frames and many more things With which the total investment can go up to about 20 to 25 lakhs.

    You can start the studio from 10 to 15 lakhs but don’t compromise with the camera lens system, lightning, and software. Because it is very important.

    What does it take to open a photography studio?

    To open a photography studio, you will need at least 2 to 3 people, out of which one will be a helper, a photo editor, and a video editor. If you do the editing work yourself, then you will be able to divide the work among yourself. You can decide the salary of your team members according to their skills, experience, and workload.

    If you have more camera setup and equipment, then you should also have a car. To open a professional photo studio, you should have at least 1500 to 2 thousand square feet of space. In this, you will have to do studio processing or editing road, seating arrangement, changing room, washroom storage everything.

    At the time of getting the studio built, we will get the CCTV installed for the safety papers so that after the studio is built, no tampering has to be done in it.

    For electricity, you will take a commercial connection and power backup should also be there, because if there is a power cut at the time of editing, then there is a fear of losing the data. Anyway, having emergency power backup will enable the timely delivery of opposite projects.

    Equipment and tools needed to start a studio


    A camera can look amazing in the hands of a photographer. For this, you have to think about what is your requirement? What good do women want or should the entire shoot be done in an ISO camera. Will you shoot the post too? I will do long-distance photography. Understanding all these requirements, you have to choose the camera and its pictures.

    How comfortable the camera is to hold in the hands is also a big factor. Understanding your need, you can also take camera lenses, whose price may be more or less depending on the quality of the lens.

    The price of lenses starts from 40000 to 50000 rupees and reaches up to lakhs.

    Talking about camera wax, you should have a good box to carry and protect the camera. If the quality of the part you are getting while taking the camera is not good, then take a separate bag, in which the necessary things like a camera lens, battery, charger, and memory card should come. Talking about the memory card, it happens many times that the memory card that you used to store photos has suffered a fault and your data is not recovered. So try to take the memory card of the branded company. As well as where the photo is. They’re leaving. Carry the extra memory card with you. Keep backing up from time to time so that the memory does not get full and the cards are ready.

    Video and photo editing software

    Always use the original software while editing the video because you do not get all the features in crack software. You can subscribe to Adobe’s photo and video editing software.


    Talking about the tripod, a tripod is a very important tool that you must have. Sometimes the camera has to be kept standing upright or if it has to be carried in a high place in the hands, then the work is easily done with the tripod itself. Having a tripod improves the quality of the image because sometimes the camera starts moving due to shaking hands.

    You will get a tripod from two thousand to 5 to 7000 rupees.

    Camera Straps and Lighting

    Talking about lighting, good lighting is necessary to take a good picture. So different types of lights Summerville lights and LED lights can all be taken. Apart from this, there are also camera straps through which you can hang the camera around the neck. You should also have a collection of cleaning kits Paltrow and aftermarket props. If you do not have information about the camera, then you can find it on YouTube. Photo Studio Call Better Price To Best Camera. You’ll find tons of videos on CDs, which will make it easier for you to make decisions and gather information about almost every piece of equipment.

    Make your studio famous

    Nowadays most people have smartphones in their hands and people are increasing their presence on social media. That’s why you have to show your presence on the spot for people to come to your photo studio. When you launch your studio, you can do press releases with local news channels, and social media news, and organize your studio tour.

    Keep posting on the social media pages about your projects, videos pre-wedding shows, wedding photography, body portfolio, and all the work you do that will need it. They will contact you. You can also offer discounts on studio launches. Always keep your social media pages active and keep posting something. Apart from photos and videos, you can also share photography tips in hacks and they also engage users.

    If you are going to someone’s wedding or party in any social activity an event, then keep a camera with you and do photography. Maybe the next guy hasn’t hired a photographer and he likes your photos, then your chances of getting a job in the future will increase or you can ask for the price if the photos are asked. That is to say, you have to create your own space. Apart from this, stay in touch with the school, hotelier, and restaurant and ask them to do photography for their magazine, brochure, or menu, and always keep your sample book with you so that it is easy for the client to convey.

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    Apart from social media, if any fair is being held on art props handicraft exhibitions, then take a stall and do your exhibition or exhibition so that the name of you and your studio is registered in the knowledge of the people. Many times you will also get projects on the spot. If photography is good then you can also participate in Prestigious Award Contest like National Geographic Photo Contest Corporation Photo Contest MIB National Photography Award organized by Broadcasting Ministry Gome India and the Live Photography Award.

    Photography depends on the talent and the photographer because even by just holding the DSLR camera in hand one does not become a photographer. If you are interested in photography and want to open your studio, then taking a course gives you an advantage. If there is a good institute near you too, then you can do the course from there. Apart from this, many colleges and schools also conduct photography courses.