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How to become a Full Stack Developer

    How to become a Full Stack Developer

    Do you want to become a full stake developer to master all the techniques involved in the development project. So that you can make a prototype very fast. It is in your hands to reduce the cost of the project. Can also switch between fort end and web end development depending on the requirement. Understand all the aspects of New Age Upcoming Technologies easily and enjoy a good salary package.

    Today there is a high demand for those stake developers in the software development industry, then if you intend to become a full stake developer, then it is definitely made and then after knowing so many advantages, then you are ready to become a full stake developer in this world of software programming. would have been

    But do you know about it i.e. those state development. Maybe you have a little knowledge about it, but if you do not know about it at all, then through that post you will be able to understand Full State Development in a better way so that another bright and interesting one in your list of career options can be added.

    Full Stake Development includes the development of client site and backend of web applications i.e. social site motions and a full stake web developer has the ability to design a complete web application and website as he/she is the front end backend database of the web application or website and Works on debugging.

    These full stake developers are all routers who master multiple skills and use those skills to complete a project independently

    So let’s understand frontend and back-end one by one,

    Front end website

    Front end is the visible part of the website and web application which is responsive to the user experience as the user directly interacts with the website and the parenting portion of the application.

    The logo, search bar, buttons over all layout on a web page comes in the front end itself and the front end developer is in charge of the look and field of the website.

    It is also responsible for ensuring that the website looks good on every device i.e. mobiles, tablets and computer screens.

    The language that the front end portion is made of is HTML which is used to design the printing portion of web pages.

    CSS means CacheCadding Style Sheets which is a design language and simplifies the process of making web pages presentable.

    Java Script This is the scripting language that makes the site interactive for the user.

    Apart from these languages, there are also frameworks and libraries which work in the same way as butter on bread. Which makes it even tastier. Because it helps in improving performance, saves time, reduces efforts, brings flexibility. So let’s know about libraries and frameworks.


    A framework is a set of software resources and tools by which developers build and manage web applications, web services, and websites, and provide a set of helper functions, objects, and modules for library-specific functionality.

    Framework and libraries available in front end

    Angular js: It is a JavaScript open source fronting framework that is used to develop mainly single-page web applications.

    It converts static HTML to dynamic HTML. Anyone can use and change it.


    It is a free and open source tool collection for creating responsive websites and web applications.


    It is an efficient flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces that are responsive only to the view layer of the application.


    It is an open source JavaScript library that simplifies the interaction between HTML and CSS documents.


    It is the most reliable and mature CSS extension language used to extend the functionality of a site’s existing CSS. Similarly some libraries and frameworks are also included.

    Back-end website

    In this, the server side of the web application and website comes and its primary focus is on how the website works.

    In this, the part of the application comes which the user does not see.

    A back-end developer focuses on the logic of the website, creating the servers, and working with the database and APIs.

    Languages ​​used in back end portion


    It is a server side scripting language specially designed for web development.


    It is a general purpose programming language and is widely used in competitive programming.


    It is the most popular programming language and platform and is also highly scalable.


    This language is used as front end and backend programming language.


    This programming language increases web speed and helps in more friendly integration of systems.

    Apart from these languages, C#, Ruby, REST, GO are also back-end languages.