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How to Become an Anthropologist

    How to become Anthropologist

    Our earth is about 4.5 billion years old and since childhood, we have been taught that we humans evolved from monkeys i.e. chimpanzees. Initially, we used to use the SIM boxes to talk to each other.

    Today there are 195 countries in the whole world and 7.5 billion people live in it who follow different cultures and customs. Now the question arises that how people have started accepting different cultures, customs, and religions and how people started talking.

    Do such questions come to your mind too? If yes then you should connect your career with these questions. Anthropologists find out the same thing. This is what we trace and anthropologists research human cultures, religions, customs, beliefs, and genetics and try to find answers to similar questions. In today’s post, we will know how you can become an anthropologist.

    How to become an Anthropologist

    How to become Anthropologist

    First of all, let us know what is Anthropologie. Anthropology is a discipline of studies. In which the evolution and development of human beings are studied. In this, not only the human being is studied but also the economic, political, biological, social, and cultural aspects of the human being are studied.

    Types of Anthropology

    The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAnthropology is huge, and so many branches have been formed today. like

    1. Linguistic Anthropology
    2. Cultural Anthropology
    3. biological anthropology

    All these branches use different skills to work. So let’s understand these four separately.


    In this field, research is done on earlier human civilization and society. Like Harappa and Mohenjodaro. Civilization was discovered by the people of this field and even today, archaeologists go to the field to study when searching for old things.

    Linguistic Anthropology

    This discipline focuses on how our language reflects our social life. Professionals in this field also research the origin of the language and the development of words. Zee people also search for how one language develops from one language to another. Like how the words of one language were adopted from another language? How did the dialects come into existence?

    Cultural Anthropology

    In cultural anthropology, research is done by focusing on the cultural variation among humans. In this, the entire era of human development is studied by focusing on human culture, societies, and their development. It also includes studies of race, class, gender, kinship, and many other cultural elements.

    Biological Anthropology focuses on the biological and behavioral aspects of humans. In this, it is seen how a person deals with things like disease, disaster, war, and population, and on this basis, his biological study is done.

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    How can you become an Anthropologist in India

    Practicing from 12th Arts or Science

    To become an Anthropologist in India, you have to practice from 12th Arts or Science. Choosing Physics, Chemistry, and Biology from Science subjects in 12th gives you a strong base for your higher studies.

    Benefits of practicing 12th Science

    To become an anthropologist, there are two special areas to do 12th from science. The first is that in most of the big colleges, you get Anthropology subject within, so that if you are from science stream then you can choose that course and the second reason is that during the studies of Anthropology you will get many scientific techniques like genetics, If you have to face big terms like bone chemistry, carbon dating, then if you are from science then it will be easier for you to understand all this.

    Practice from 12th Arts

    But if you are not from the Science stream then you can make your career in Anthropology from the Arts stream also. Your 12th subject History, Sociology, Psychology, give you a good understanding of Human Behavior, Culture, Evolution, etc. which is the basis of this field and thus helps you to build a solid foundation for a career in Anthropology.

    Many liberal arts colleges allow you to design your own subject and pursue a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

    Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology Subject

    To kick start your career in Anthropology, you have to take Anthropology subject as the main subject at your Under Graduation level. In this subject at bachelor’s level usually, light subjects like Social Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Human Ecology are found to build your base.

    Best Anthropology College in India

    There are some types of colleges from where you can do B.Sc or BA in Anthropology subject. We have given below the names of such good colleges.

    1. Hansraj College University of Delhi
    2. Panjab University Chandigarh
    3. Hindu College University of Delhi
    4. Ashoka University Sonepat
    5. Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts Pune
    6. Vidyasagar University West Bengal

    To apply in these colleges, you have to see when their forms come out and fill that form and submit it. After this, the cutoff list is released. If your marks are equal to or more than the cutoff list then you can take admission. Many colleges also conduct entrance exams. Students who have not got good marks in 12th can take admission by bringing good marks in the entrance exam.

    Masters Degree in Anthropology Subject

    You can do a master’s and Ph.D. after graduation for better job opportunities. The bigger your degree, the bigger the place you will get to work. Like the Archaeological Survey of India, moreover, better skills and education give you the opportunity to work with international organizations as well. such as UNESCO and UNICEF.

    Best Anthropology Master College in India

    Now talk about some AC master’s colleges from where you can do a master’s or Ph.D. in Anthropology subject.

    1. Visva Bharati University, West Bengal
    2. Berhampur, University, Odisha
    3. University of Allahabad
    4. Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla, University, Chhattisgarh
    5. University of Hyderabad
    6. University of Rajasthan


    If you pursue a degree course in Anthropology, you will also need to participate in internships and bowling ring programs. Just like you can do an internship in a museum, only then you will have experience and you will be able to get a job in big organizations based on your experience.

    Anthropology Scope in India

    After knowing about the education system of Anthropology, let us now know about its scope in India.

    If you become an Anthropologist, then you can work in the field given below.

    1. Education Sector
    2. Business Sector
    3. Art Galleries publishing houses and museums
    4. nonprofit organizations
    5. Government sector
    6. entertainment industry

    Education Sector

    After completing your Masters in Anthropology, you can teach as an Assistant Professor or Guest Teacher in the Department of Anthropology in a college or university. For this, you have to clear the UGC NET exam after your master’s.

    Along with this, you can also do research by taking admission in Ph.D.

    The Anthropology Survey of India runs several fellowship programs so that young scholars can do research. It also includes field research.

    Business Sector

    In today’s time business has become global. As the market and the habits of the customers are changing. However, it needs to be up to date. Otherwise, you will be left behind in the market.

    Always in the forefront of socio-cultural, anthropologists, fieldwork, and research work. These people study the market. Like how people live or how today everyone is dependent on the market.

    There are many other fields for anthropologists in the business sector, which are shown below.

    • Clinical research coordination
    • Human resources
    • Intercultural communication
    • International trade
    • Lobbyist
    • Market research
    • Medical anthropology


    An Anthropologist’s salary is not fixed because different Anthropologist has a different salary,
    Overall an Anthropologist hires 3 to 4 lakhs per year which keeps on increasing with the experience.

    We hope you liked this post on How to Become an Anthropologist. Thank you for reading this post till the end