How to join Merchant Navy

How to join Merchant Navy

If you are looking for a career option that does not force you to stick your eyes on the computer for hours on a seat but take a tour of the vast ocean. If you give the option of a good opening and also prove to help fulfill your hobby of traveling, then you should think about Merchant Navy because this job can fulfill your purpose.

If you do not know what Merchant Navy is, let us tell you that there is a non-military service that is part of the country’s commercial shipping and its main job is to transport goods from one place to another ie from one country to another. Transport has to be done in the country and in this way all over the world.

It is such an important part of the world economy that more than 90% of the goods are transported all over the world through Merchant Navy ships. In such a situation, the reputation of this job and this job is also very good.

In this post, you will know what procedure you will need to follow to apply and join different posts in Merchant Navy such as officer and rating posts. What are the Criteria for this? Which courses are to be taken? Which are the best institutes for this? How is the salary package, you are going to get all such important information in today’s post, so read this post till the last.

Based on your educational qualification, you can join Merchant Navy as a cadet engineer and also as a rating.

After education from class tenth to graduation level, one can come to this profession by doing a particular course.

Before joining Merchant Navy, it will be necessary for you to have all these skills.

  • leadership skills
  • communication skills
  • critical thinking
  • teamwork
  • Self-Control and Patience

Procedure to join Merchant Navy

Step 1: choose the suitable job profile

First of all, choose the suitable job profile for you. There are two main job profiles in Merchant Navy which are Deck Cadet and Engineer.

Now if you are thinking of joining as DAC Cadet i.e. Navigator Officer then your Major Responsibility will be to Navigate, Maintain Ships, Cargo and Tanks and Handle all Safety equipment

By joining as an engineer, you will be responsible for engines, boilers, running, and maintenance. Based on this you can decide on your job profile.

Step 2: Know the basic criteria

Merchant Navy can be joined by both male and female candidates.

However, the ratio of female candidates is very less. Candidates must be unmarried at the time of joining.

The age of the candidates should be at least 17 years at the time of joining and not more than 22 years at the time of application.

Step 3: Educational Qualification

For both Dek Garrett and Engineer job profiles, it is necessary that the candidate has cleared 10+2 class PCM with a minimum 60% score and a minimum 50% score in the English language.

Apart from this, to become a deck cadet, you have to do graduation in BSc Marine or BSc in Nautical Science. Now if you want, you can also do a Diploma in Nautical Science and after that BSc in Nautical Science.

At the same time, to become an engineer, one has to take a bachelor’s degree in any one of these. Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Naval Architectural & Offshore Engineering, Harbor and Ocean Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Apart from DAC cadet and engineer, joining can also be taken as ratings in Merchant Navy. For which you must have passed a minimum 10th or 12th class.

After which you have to complete the Pre C GT Rating course of six months duration.

Step 4: IMU CET Entrance Test

For cadet and engineer job profiles you have to clear IMU CET i.e. Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test.

After which you will be eligible for admission to IMU affiliated college and if you want admission to a government college then it will depend on your JEE score. So to be eligible, you need to clear both JEE Mains and Advanced. After that, you have to clear the interview.

Step 5: Medical fitness test

You will also have to clear the medical fitness test. You should have clear eye vision in this. There should be no color blindness and you must also have a fitness certificate.

Step 6: Complete the training

After completing Bachelor’s degree, you will also have to complete one-year pre-sea training.

After which you will also have to complete 18 months of training while working on ships for the cadet profile. Whereas Engineers will have to complete six months of on-ship training.

Step 7: Apply for Competency Exams

After training cadet profile candidates can apply for competitive exams of the Government of India and get joining as the third officer.
Whereas Engineer candidates can join as 4th Engineer by clearing the Competency Exams to be conducted by the Directorate General of Shipping.

After this, you can reach a higher rank in your career by clearing experience and other competitive exam.

Step 8: Take Father’s Education

Although a bachelor’s degree or diploma is enough for an entry-level position, you can reach a higher salary by completing a master’s degree. so think about it

Top Colleges for Merchant Navy

Names of top colleges for Merchant Navy in India from where you can do courses,

  • IMU MU Campus Cochin
  • IMU Campus, Mumbai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
  • Applied Research International, Delhi
  • International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida
  • Samudra Institute Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  • The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai
  • CV Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneshwar
  • Cochin Shipyard Limited Kochi
  • Oceanic Maritime Institute ie, Dehradun.

The admission fee for these courses can range from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. Whereas in private colleges, this fee can range from 3 lakh to 20 lakh rupees.

There is also good news for you that you can also get sponsorship in Merchant Navy. This sponsorship will be a bit different as there are many shipping companies that offer sponsorships to the interested students who are offered for the courses. In this, you have to sign a contract with the shipping company, in return that company pays for your course and that company gives your training and job assurance.

Some companies also conduct their own courses, which are guaranteed job placements upon joining. But friends, this type of sponsorship should be taken only after taking complete information about the company, after being sure.


If you know about the salary, then the rank wise in the deck department but the monthly salary is something like this.

RankSalary / month
Deck Cadet20000 to 30000
Third Officer 70000 to 120000
Second Officer1,60,000
Chief Officer 4 to 6 lakhs
Master 8 to 10 lakhs.
deck department Merchant Navy Salary

At the same time, in the inter-department, this salary for the month is something like this.

RankSalary / month
Engine cadet thousand30000
Fourth Engineer 1,20,000
Third Junior 1.6 to 2 lakhs
Second Engineer 3 to 5 lakhs
Chief Engineer 8 to 10 lakhs
Electrical Officer 2 to 3 lakhs
inter-department Merchant Navy Salary

Even though the initial salary is less on the same waiting and catering crew positions, but after a time, this salary amount also reaches from 75000 to 125000 per month.

In this salary, there is a lot of variation on the basis of company and experience and this salary amount is very high in many reputed companies, so friends, by following this process and keeping in mind all the major points mentioned in this post, You can find out what Merchant Navy job is worth for you and decide whether you should consider it as your best career option or not.

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