How to open Computer Shop

How to open Computer Shop

Just think once and see what will happen if the computer is removed from our daily life and official work? Today it is difficult to walk even a step without a computer. So be it a research centre, hospital, corporate office or any small shop which is run by one man. Computers are needed everywhere. To operate satellite communication or book railway tickets. We are incomplete without computer, nowadays computer is needed in every work where people like to be connected with technology. So in today’s post we will know how you can open your own computer shop.

India’s IT spending was $93 billion in 2021, which will increase to $98.5 billion in 2022. Demand for Computers in India From this data, understand that in the quarter of 2011, about 3 million computers, notebooks and bug stations were shipped in India. Now people’s needs are fulfilled only when there is a good computer shop store or showroom, from where they can buy computers, accessories, gadgets and parts of their choice. To meet the needs of the country, the market for computer parts produced in India was about Rs 214 billion in 2020, which has grown to about Rs 220 billion in 2021.

Keep this thing in mind before opening computer shop

Whether to buy a new computer, get an upgrade, get servicing or get accessories. If you want to do your computer business then this will be an evergreen business model. As far as the license is concerned, to do any business legally, first you should get a license. Therefore, the first thing to do is to register under whatever name you want to do your business and get a trade license, so that you can prove yourself.

As a license holder, you will be protected from any kind of legal action. Apply GST because your business turnover may be more than 20 lakhs. In such a situation, GST will be levied. GST number will be required even while doing billing. Only then will you be able to charge GST from the customer while selling your goods. In whichever name you are starting your business, keep the electricity connection in that name and file ITR with that name.

If your goods come from any other country, then you will have to take ITC i.e. Import Export Code for that. Talking about such a business model, there are many options for opening a computer shop, out of which you can choose any one. If you have a small shop, then you can attract the attention of the customer by placing a couple of models of computers, desktops, laptops there, and if any inquiry comes, then you can earn profit by giving delivery according to his requirement. Huh. For this, you will have to tie up with a big shop and have a display board installed in front of your shop that do you deal in computers?

multi-branded store

Talking about a multi-branded store, a fully functional computer shop will be where you will have to keep a wide range of brands of computers, notebooks, desktops, personal computers, tablet PCs and computer accessories.

Dell, Samsung, Apple, Acer, amd, intel, asus can keep the products of every brand, which have more demand in the market. Apart from this, a considerable range of accessories will also have to be kept, which includes keyboard, mouse, wireless items, bluetooth devices, sound system and all kinds of store drives, computer parts, assembling units, motherboard, CPU and almost everything that a computer needs. needed.

Franchise Store

Talking about the franchise store, you can also choose Dell, Samsung, Apple, Acer, HP, IBM, Toshiba or any other brand to open a franchise store.

Computer Repairing Store

Talking about computer repairing store, the business of computer repairing shop is also very profitable, because there is a lot of earning in service charge and computer. Whether for motherboard, socket, cables, processor, upgradation and installation, people often reach the service center. In the service center also you can start the work of authorized service center of any brand.

space and area

Talking about the space area, if we talk about a fully functional store, then you can start with a space of at least 400 to 500 square feet. However, a slightly larger space can be taken for the showroom. The design of the computer store should be such that the available space can be utilized properly. Because you will also have to keep the billing counter, customer seating area, product display, staff area, repair area and storage space at the store.

Along with this, you also have to pay attention to the decoration while making the shop. Your slip should be visible, all things should be completed in less space. There should be a good arrangement of lighting and seating and the overall look should be good. Fan, AC, Wiring, Switches, Table, Chair, Sofa, Glassdoor and Billing Counter all these you have to pay attention to.

Also, you will have to spend a lot on safety and security so that things like theft do not happen. Apart from this, if there will be goods worth lakhs in your shop, then you can keep it by getting insurance, because the risk of fire in the shop of electronic things is also high.

Location is also an important factor in taking the business forward. If it is in a small place, then the big showroom or shop there will not get much response. There you should invest money according to your need. Yes, if it is in a big city, then you can increase the size of the business there, but the location should be right for that too. For example, in a shopping complex in the main market or in a place where there are many computer shops. Because instead of being assigned a single, people prefer to go to the market, where they get more options.


Normal Computer Shop

Talking about investment, to open a computer shop, you need an investment of at least 10 lakhs and it will be a small scale business because computers, laptops, notebooks and accessories are expensive. So if you want to increase the store then you have to increase the business capital as well. Apart from this, if the maintenance rent of the shop, salary of staff and all other expenses are also added, then at least 1 lakh to 2 lakh will go to you every month. That’s why you have to keep a backup capital till your business is established.

Large Scale Pay Computer Shop

The business of large scale pay computer shop reaches 40 to 50 lakhs. If we talk about profit, then there is a margin of about 10% to 25% on computer notebooks, personal computers and freshers. The biggest advantage of a computer shop is by taking service and selling computer parts. Apart from this, there are many product ranges like computers, accessories, spare parts, sound systems, storage devices, monitors, sound cards, software, anti virus cabinets, from which you can earn good profits. Also talking about the rest of the staff members, if your shop is big enough, then 2 to 3 staff and 1 technician will get the job done because for billing and customer care service to handle the customers, to answer their questions. So many people will be enough.

Along with this, technicians are also needed who can assemble computers, test them and solve the problems of the people. Your staff and your computer knowledge should be very good. Only then will you be able to answer people’s questions. Because the more the customer is impressed by your words and your knowledge, the more your business will grow.

wholesale market

Now let’s talk about wholesale market. That is, you need goods to keep in your shop. So for that you have to find a city around you which is a hub of computer products. You can get this in your state capital and if you talk about Delhi, then Nehru Place is considered to be a computer hub in the capital. Nehru Place is a commercial center and business center in South Delhi. Which is largely called the Information Technology Hub of South Asia.

Here you get wholesale. Distributors. Retailers and major exclusive showrooms will be available from where you can order your consignments. Before placing order from anywhere, please visit the market once. Or find out from a computer shop where they get their stuff.

Dealerships and Franchisees

Talking about dealership and franchise further, if you want to take franchise of any computer brand, then you have to visit their website. Many companies give links to give franchisees or dealerships on their websites, in which you can proceed by clicking or filling the application form. By doing a Google search, we could easily find links to HP and Dell. You can also join any brand according to the interest. But do not collaborate with any brand without research.

Proceed only after knowing the brand value, market response, product feedback. Once you start, you will get to know about how the business can be taken forward. After opening your shop or showroom, do not wait for the arrival of the customer. Visit any schools, showrooms, offices, shops, restaurants or anywhere in your area where one or more systems are needed. Offer them the best price and service in the market. Whenever people need you, you will definitely get a call.

Market your shop with local media, social media. If your service is good then people will also promote your business. The more honest you are, the more people will trust you.

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