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How to open nursery | Start nursery business

    How to start nursery busines

    Every person in the world has a different personality and everyone has their own different hobbies. There are many people who are very fond of gardening. Maybe you will too. Some do gardening in front of the house, some in the backyard in the fields, and some on the terrace. Apart from this, there are many people who do not do gardening but keep plants around them in their room, on their walking table, on their office desk, in the shop, or in the showroom. This gives a feeling of freshness and relaxation to the people. For every type of gardening, we need plants that we get from flower nurseries. And today’s post is dedicated to How to open nursery and start nursery business

    How to start nursery busines
    Image: Sanjay Nursery

    Talking about the market size, we would have seen the nursery as a small business but it is not so. Actually, it is an industry and it is growing at a rate of growth post every year. Talking about The Plantation and Home Gardening Industry, by 2025, it will become a $ 4 billion industry and it has a direct connection with plant nurseries because fruit flowers, decorative plants, indoor and outdoor plants Bonsai, almost every type of tree plants, and their Young saplings or saplings are grown in nurseries. So these two things support each other. So let us know how you can start your business. Before doing nursery business, you have to understand with whom you want to proceed in this

    Type of Nursery

    Vegetable Nursery

    Like people are leaning toward organic food. The demand for vegetables without pesticides has increased. So people are preferring to grow vegetables in their own homes. Therefore, where the seeds and small plants are found, they are called vegetable nurseries. Where you have to keep the options of all kinds of vegetables.

    Similar to Vegetable Nursery, you can open a Fruit Nursery to deal only in Plants or Fruits. Where people can come to plant almost all kinds of fruit trees.

    Flower nursery

    Talking about flower nurseries, you have to keep almost every type of flower in the plant and their demand is highest because most people like to do flower gardening and grow flowers according to every season.

    Medicinal nursery

    Talking about medicinal nurseries, in such nurseries you get plants with medicinal properties, which cost more. Along with this, the plants growing in the forest also have to be kept in the nursery or if you have more space available then you can also do a mixed nursery with all kinds of plants, fruits, flowers, greens, and vegetables.

    Keep this thing in mind before starting the nursery

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    land or land needed

    What are the things that are necessary to start a nursery business and the things we should pay attention to? That is…land or land needed
    To open a nursery, you must have land of your own. If you do not have land, then you can open a nursery by taking it on rent or list. The paperwork for both cases should be completed. Meaning if you have land then its papers should be correct. He should be paying regular tax and should have an agreement in case of rent or listing.


    The nursery can be kept small or big according to the need. You can put your business in one bigha of land ranging from 400 to 500 square feet. Sometimes when the space is more, the business owners grow their own plants and from there they are also bought and sold sometimes in big cities where there is a shortage of space, there are only plants, seeds, and saplings as outlets. even though they may have been brought from elsewhere.


    Now if we talk about investment, then you can open a nursery with Rs 1 lakh, and as your business grows you can increase the area of ​​your nursery. Then you can start with 3 lakh, 5 lakh, or even 10 lakh. It will completely depend on you how much to invest.

    Well, the easiest way to invest in any business is to start it with a low investment and learn the nuances of the business. Unfortunately, if the business does not accumulate or there is a loss, then you will not lose much. As you keep learning, your confidence will increase and you will be able to expand your business.


    Talking about profit, no one starts giving profit as soon as he opens a business. Therefore, you have to maintain your professionalism even in the nursery business. It will take 2 to 4 months for people to know about your business and maybe after a year your business will start running in profit. Depending on your business scale, you can earn 20 to 25000 or more in a month. But till then keep your focus and keep trying to make the business popular.


    Talking about the location, if you are opening a nursery, then keep in mind that it should be at a prominent place like a market, on the side of the main road or at any such place where a lot of people pass and their eyes fall on the nursery. Such people will not have to wander here and there. They will also tell each other about the nursery of the people who come and go. So in this case you will get a good response. Try to make sure that your nursery plants look green and that all the racks are full. This also has a psychological effect on people and people take more plants than necessary.

    Organic Farming

    Talking about organic farming, from the very first day of opening the nursery, try to grow plants in an organic way. Because nowadays their demand is high, so keep a stock of organic manure with you too. It is good to make manure made from earthworms. Which is called vermicompost. They also improve the growth of plants and you can also make organic manure at home.

    This compost is made by digging the soil in the ground by mixing greens, vegetables, and fruit peels, wet waste from the kitchen, leaves, and dung living around the house. What you can learn even by giving it from the Internet from the Krishi Vigyan Kendra Agriculture Office near you. In such a situation, if you can produce good quality manure, then your business model can also be made.

    keep flowers in your nursery

    You should also keep things related to gardening in the nursery. Whenever people go to the nursery, apart from plants, they also look for things related to gardening. In such a situation, you have to make pots made of clay, plastic, and metal. A good collection of hooves, buckets, decorations, seeds, etc. will have to be kept for digging the soil. Then it will be good for you.

    Try to reach out to all types of customers, so keep each range of items available with you according to the price and quality.


    Talking about the maintenance, it is very important that the nursery is well taken care of. You have to take care of planting the plants, watering and fertilizing them, shifting the plants, delivering them to the customer, and cleaning the entire nursery. If the nursery is small, then 1 to 2 people will do the job. Otherwise, 3 to 4 people are needed in a big nursery, on whom you can get all the work done on a salary basis.

    Along with this, the safety of the nursery is also paramount so that no animal comes and eats the plants, plants or any items that are not stolen. This also has to be taken care of. Also, there should be a water supply so that there is no shortage of water for the plants. Talking about the things to note, while opening the nursery, care has to be taken that the plants should be kept according to the season in which the nursery is being opened. Apart from this, there will be plants that are more seasonal. Apart from these, you can also keep decorative plants, indoor plants to be planted in the office, house, hotel, fruit flowering plants, medicinal plants, and trees planted in the forest.

    Along with organic manure, you can also keep cocopeat i.e. coconut sawdust. They are used to grow plants.


    Now let’s talk about the license, to open a nursery of plants, the owner has to get a license from the Agriculture Department and inspection is also done by the department.

    Apart from this, if the consumption of water and electricity is high for running, then it would be good to apply for a commercial connection. Also, you should also take clearance from the Municipal Corporation for the area you are using.

    You can also increase the reach of your nursery through social media. If there is a social media group in your area or people who are fond of plantations, then you can create a group or page by adding them. Where you can give your nursery collection of new rivals now.

    You can share DIY ideas about plantations and gardening. You can also explore platforms like YouTube and Pinterest for your own learning. If you have a good collection then you can also sell plants online. Find websites that run online nurseries, join them, and anyway, there is a trend of giving pots of plants as gifts in many social activities these days. You will also benefit from this. Just keep your eyes open.

    Training Course

    If you search on the internet, you will find many online courses on nursery management. Such as the Diploma in Horticulture Management, which is conducted by the Indian Institute of Skill Development Training. Apart from this, you can also find out courses in nursery management on SkillShare.

    International Institute of Advanced Agriculture Skill Development (IIAASD) also conducts nursery management online courses. But before taking admission anywhere, take good information about how much the course is useful or whether you will get the necessary information or not. It is best to do an internship in a nursery. Along with this, if you are a student of agriculture or are doing a job in private or government in this profession, then you can start a side business by opening your job.

    We hope you liked this post of ours. Thank you so much for reading this post till the end.