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How to Start a Food Truck Business

    How to start food truck business

    Food Truck Business

    Whenever we feel like eating fast food, we find some restaurant or any fast food counter around us, and one of these things you must have noticed a lot is that the restaurant where we came to eat fast food was a truck or minivan. Pay is made. So basically in the colloquial language, it is called a truck. You must have seen food trucks on cooking TV channels, movies, or travel shows, which provide their service at a fixed place or by roaming around. So today we will tell in this post how you can start your happy food truck business, so read this post till the end.

    How to start food truck business
    How to start a food truck business

    If we talk about the Indian fast food industry, the trend of eating fast food has increased fast all over the world. Pizza, Burgers, Momos, Chowmein, Rolls, Kebabs, Tea, Coffee, Fried Items, and Sandwiches are many of those things that you would have eaten at a food truck. Talking about fat and figure, India’s fast food industry is growing at the rate of 40% every year and on average a person in India spends 2% of his annual expenditure on fast food, then the question comes to food. Why do you want to start a truck business?

    First of all, find the answer to this question. Maybe you are a food lover and want to pursue your career in food items, or maybe you have an investor who wants to make money in the growing Indian fast food industry, or it may be If you want to open your restaurant and you have chosen food truck as an option, then if you are looking for a new business option you can go with a food truck. Because it has many advantages such as…

    Advantages of Food Truck Business

    Food trucks can go anywhere. That is if you put a food truck at one place and for some reason, people are not coming there, then you can easily change the location.

    If your food items are popular, then you can also provide service by going to another place, locality, or apartment.

    The food truck is quite compact, so does not occupy much area.

    Building a food truck is much cheaper than building a restaurant. This means that only 10 to 25% of the total budget of the restaurant becomes a food truck.

    You don’t even need to keep a lot of employees. So the salary does not cost much.

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    Keep these things in mind before starting a food truck Business

    If you have made up your mind that you will build or are planning your food truck, then you should pay special attention to these things.

    Get a driving license because without them you will not be able to move even a step forward.

    If you are taking a second-hand vehicle, first get the paper transferred in your name, after that take the papers of insurance and pollution. Then apply in RTO that you are getting a food truck built, then you will get the necessary clearance for that.

    You will also have to get a fire safety NOC from the fire department, which the department will give after checking your vehicle, what are the security arrangements in it?

    You will also have to get a Food Safety License from FSSAI, which is called Mobile Vendors License.

    You will also have to get a vendor license from the Municipal Corporation that you will put the food truck in this area so that you also do not make any objection.

    You can also get a trade license by registering your business name.

    Best Vehicle selection for Food Truck Business

    It is important to get the right vehicle for your business because the whole business will run on it.

    The vehicle can be new or second-hand, it will be completely your decision. In India, people often choose a minivan or a pickup van.

    You can choose a vehicle for yourself by going to a garage or you can get a customized truck made for yourself by pre-ordering a company.

    Starting from 1.5 to 2 lakhs, the car can cost 5 lakhs or more. It is your choice what is your budget? An old truck or an old car would be better to start with, which would also reduce your investment.

    While buying a used vehicle, check the fitness certificate, registration, road tax dot, and insurance to see if all the documents are correct or not. If you got a second-hand car for 3 to 4 lakhs, then you can get a food truck designed by giving it to a vehicle bodybuilder for Rs. Along with all this.

    Choose The Right Location Food Truck Business

    you also have to think about the location because once the truck is ready or till the work is going on, use your time and start looking for the location, because it is one of the critical factors in the growth of the business. Will be an important factor.

    School colleges, girls’ hostels, malls, shopping complexes, temples, any crowded intersection or any reservation society where many families live can now attract more people. Apart from this, as you become popular, you can also change your location in a few days.

    Food items selection

    Now it’s time to decide on the food items. You must decide on your food category. What you serve will be your food USP. Whether you will serve veg, non veg or both the items will also depend a lot because many such customers go near serving pure veg when they are vegetable or order food from there. So in such a situation, customers of any one category will have to make sacrifices.

    Momos, Showman, Tikka, Kebab, Manchurian will keep such things, or else dosa, idli sambar, and uttapam will have to go with anyone. Now, these two things cannot be mixed because it is better to have more options available in a particular category than to cover a little bit of everything.

    After this, you will have to take the utensils according to which you have selected the food category. In this, you will have to take everything that is needed to cook the item. Keep in mind that the gas connection you will apply should be commercial because if you do your work on the domestic connection then you can also get challenged. While taking the utensils, keep in mind how many people you want to serve. Meaning if the pot becomes small then you will have to cook it again. In this case, both gas and time will be wasted. We are not mentioning utensils because different utensils are required for each food item.

    Food truck safety

    Food truck safety is as important as your business. No one would want someone to accidentally happen to someone unexpectedly. But as a precaution, you should take care of yourself and the safety of the people.

    For example, your food truck should have a fire extinguisher so that it can be easily extinguished in case of fire. Apart from this, all your staff should be able to use fire extinguishers.

    Do not keep extra cylinders in the food truck. One cylinder is enough to cook one day’s food.

    The condition of your stove or oven, and gas pipe should be good.

    There should not be any such thing in the truck, which will spread the fire.

    An exhaust system should also be installed to remove the smoke.

    Food Truck Business Branding & Promotion

    Now let’s talk further about branding and promotion. You can also do a countdown on social media before starting your food truck. For this, you have to first create your page because social media is important. You can put your food items on social media so that customers can give their feedback and reviews. Along with this, you can also conduct voting polls or share recipe videos. It will be entirely your strategy as to how you want to use social media to your advantage.

    To make yourself look professional, you can also get your brand’s hats, aprons, t-shirts, and tissue paper plates printed.

    For creativity, you can also put a review board on the stem, where people go to write their experiences after eating your food.

    You should also think about online ordering and payment. Get your food truck registered on the online delivery platform so that no one can reach you and take your service.

    Nowadays there are many such restaurants in which physical customers rarely come. So they do not care because their business continues to run well with online orders.

    Keep digital mode available for payment because nowadays people have gotten used to digital payment.

    Now when it comes to your staff, people’s first experience in the matter of food matters a lot. Maybe a customer came to you for the first time and if he had a good experience, he would come again. Otherwise, your reviews may get spoiled. So don’t compromise on the quality of your food. Good food will be prepared only when your staff or cooks are good and skilled.

    Always keep your ingredients fresh. Use fresh oil, vegetables, and quality food items, because nowadays people want to eat well and do not hesitate to spend 5 to 10 more.

    After doing all this comes the main thing which is investment and profit.

    Food Truck Business Investment

    If we talk about investment, then it will cost up to ₹ 5 lakh to get vehicles and licenses. Then including the salary of the staff, daily materials, kitchen items, gas, electricity, water, the uniform of the staff and minor expenses here and there, and the survival cost till the stabilization, at least ₹ 10 lakh will have to be invested.

    Food Truck Business Profit

    As far as profit is concerned, 40 to 50000 or even more income can be earned from a food truck comfortably by taking out the salary of the staff and all the expenses. If your family members are helping you, then the wages of the staff will be saved.

    If you search on Google on the food truck internet, you will find many articles, videos, and blocks from which you can learn.

    If you are from a small town then you can make a small truck into a food truck in your area and can handle it alone.

    We hope you liked our article about the food truck business. If you have any queries regarding this post, then do comment to us, and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading this post till the end.