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How to Start Event Management Business

    Event Management Business

    Event Management Business

    Event management We all have heard these terms more or less times. Be it marriage, engagement, corporate events, shows, stage performing activities, award functions, press conferences, exhibitions, sports events, concerts, be it any social gathering, companies with event management to organize and execute them well. Hired so that everything turns out to be smooth.

    You must have also attended such a social gathering, where everyone is professionally engaged. From welcoming the guests to the very last, so that the company family or any individual from whose side the invitation has been received. Today in this post we will know how to do event management business.

    Event Management Business Growth

    First of all, the future event management industry means that everyone wants that when they organize an event, it should be perfect so that people always remember. Hence the event management business in India has spread like wildfire in the last decade.

    Talking about 2015 to 2016, its market size was Rs 5631 crore and with a growth rate of 16% every year, it reached about Rs 10,000 crore by 2020 to 2021. So from this you can guess how much benefit is there in event management. It just needs to be done with full dedication and passion.

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    Types of event management

    Talking about the type of event management, before doing the business of event management, it is very important for you to understand its types, the better understanding you have, the better you will be able to execute.

    Weddings, Fashion Shows, Parties, Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Music Concerts, Birthday Parties and many more categories from which to choose what you will serve. In the same way, you will have to make your team which fulfills every requirement of the client so that everything is according to their expectations because the more happy your client is with the service, the more your business will grow.

    By the way, if you talk about your preparation, then if you have decided that you will do the business of event management, then you will have to do research in it. How do things happen? What are the needs? How big a team do you need? What things might you need to arrange?

    If possible, read more and more articles on the internet, watch documentaries, watch movies like Band Baaja Baaraat, apart from this, if you can study then you can also do courses on it. If not then join an event management company and work with them throughout the year so that you understand the ABCD of it.

    Event Management Business Course

    If you know about the event management business course, then the sector of event management has become so big that the interest of people has increased a lot in it and many courses are also being taught.

    If you have 45% marks in 10+2 and have good command in English and Hindi then you can start your career by studying event management.

    But with some such qualities that you should have such as

    • You must be an observer
    • I then detail
    • general awareness
    • logical thinking
    • self motivated
    • flight in language
    • good communicator
    • confident
    • Organized
    • alert personality
    • creative owner person

    Event management course can be done in almost all major cities and states across the country. You can also do Diploma, Bachelor Masters BBA and MBA in Event Management in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai as well as in states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan.

    If we talk about the curriculum, then in event management, things like marketing and advertising of the overall event, event production and catering, event planning and accounting, communication in public relations, event risk management are taught. After this, you can also do specialization or masters on any one subject.

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    Job and Career

    If you talk about job or career, after studies you can work on many posts like event planner, event manager, wedding planner, logistics manager, PR and communication manager.


    How much salary you will get in the job will depend on your talent, knowledge and skills.

    Team building

    Together everyone achieves more when it comes to team building. You must have read the full form of the team on the internet.

    Teamwork is also very important in event management because you will not be able to do anything alone.

    If you are starting this business on a small scale, then you yourself are its owner cum manager and the whole team reports to you, then the question is who will be in the team. Two or three helpers, caterers, drivers, florists, printing walas, decoration walas, lights walas, tent walas, in this way, you will have to keep adding people with you, depending on the need of the event.

    Event management is such a task in which you have to deliver and deliver output in any case. Even at the last moment, if the client needs anything, then he has to pay it too. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure in this work and you may get less time to eat and sleep or even less family time. So until your project is completed. Every moment you spend running away, then the direct member of your team or the people associated with you should know that how challenging and dynamic the work of event management is, will have to work in that respect.

    Thought with quick and quick service is a must have for everyone. The anchor should have good command over his/her language English, Hindi and regional languages ​​to show the energy and fun in the event.

    At the same time, it is also important for you to have a backup so that if a team member falls ill or can come suddenly, then your work does not stop.

    After forming an event management company and hiring a team, you must first tell about your business through advertising in your friend circle, social media and local media. Only then can you reach your clients.

    Apart from this, you can also reach out to your clients through caterers, tent houses and other people involved in that type of work.

    Talking about website or social media promotion, if you feel that you need weddings, then you can also develop it as a portfolio, where your work is visible.

    Along with this, there should also be YouTube and social media pages of the company. Along with making them, it is also necessary to marry them.

    Regular updates can now attract more people. It is important to have regular posts of videos, pictures and updates of all the events you will be doing.

    There should be complete details of your services on the website so that people get a clear idea of ​​what you do and can also offer your services by creating different packages there.

    Before starting an event management business, know these things.

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    Along with this, it is important to have good negotiation skills in the business of event management because the more you negotiate, the better profit you will get. This skill will help you in getting business deals from clients.

    The more you can convince the client with your words, the more advantage you will get and for this you must know the market rates.

    Everything that you service will be delivered. If you sound less knowledgeable and under confidence then you will not be able to influence the client.

    In any client meeting, tell the client how much budget will come according to the service and if any new thing is included in the end moment, then its budget will also be added.

    Always submit original bills if it appears that the client has been asked to do or bring something that is out of budget, inform the client and get approval before delivering it.

    Also understanding your client in any client meeting can make things easier for you.

    Listen to the needs of the clients and try to understand what they are looking for. After that, take some time and give him the quotation according to his budget.

    What will be the location? How many people will come? How will they be treated? What will have to be arranged for them? Transport, hotel, local travel, food, entertainment, all these solutions should be with you.

    Sometimes the client may also place a demand that does not suit you according to your business policy, then do not do it.

    Do not make any false commitments to the client so that your image remains.

    Always try to give your best. With this your growth will be good and you will also get business recommendation.

    Company registration and license

    Now talk about company registration, you can register a private limited company on a large scale and a one person post company or partnership firm at the individual level.

    Apart from this, you can get the paper work of the vehicle for trade license, GST, agreement transport for the office done.

    Before starting any work, it is important to do paperwork before taking up the project. By doing this you will have return proof that someone has given your commitment. For this, create a mail id in the name of the registered budget and use it.

    Keep phone numbers separate for business. In any case, get written approval from the client and do your work with original documents and bills to increase interest and transparency.

    Apart from this also use visiting card, ground work pay, dress code, printed t shorts caps to maintain your business standard.