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How to Start Solar Panel Business with Full Case Study

    Solar Panel Business with Full Case Study

    Solar energy and solar panels are not unknown or new in today’s era. You must have heard or read about it more or less. Nowadays solar panels have become so common that we can see them everywhere. Somewhere on electric poles, somewhere on someone’s roof, somewhere on government buildings or somewhere in a power plant. Today it is a very cheap, popular and reliable technology to save the cost of electricity. Today we will know in this post how the business of solar panels can be done, so keep reading this post till the end.

    Solar energy is the light and heat coming from the sun, which is stored in solar panels and it can do all the daily work that we do with electricity. That is, bulb, fan, iron, etc. These are all basic electronic things that run on electricity. All of them can be run on electricity generated from solar energy. In foreign countries, the use of solar energy is so much that solar cookers, solar dryers, solar street lights, solar traffic lights, solar cellphone chargers, solar chimneys, solar powered vans and more, do not know whether solar energy is run by?

    Talking about the Indian rooftop solar market, it has grown very fast in the last five years. By the year 2081, the production of electricity generated from solar energy was estimated to reach 3399 MW. However, the government wants it to reach 40 GW by the year 2022.

    When the budget from 2021 to 2022 was passed, a fund of 1000 crores was announced to Solar Energy Corporation of India and 1500 crores to Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency to promote renewable energy.

    Since 2014, 42 million dollars have been invested in India from abroad in the renewable energy sector.

    India ranks third in the world in terms of renewable energy investment. Well let’s know how this solar panel works

    How does solar panel work

    How does solar panel work

    The solar panels that you see have photovoltaic cells, in which, as soon as sunlight falls, electrons in the sun’s rays convert the photos into the current of the TV cells.

    TV cells have many electronic wires that send direct current to the inverter and convert it into alternating current (AC), which is used.

    Solar energy is in high demand due to its cost and pollution free. Therefore, the government also appeals to the people to adopt solar energy. Therefore, subsidy is also given for installing solar panels.

    license for solar panel business

    Talking about the license, to start it, you have to first get the business registration done, for which you can choose options like Private Limited Company, Limited Loyalty Partnership, One Person Company or Partnership Firm.

    The turnover in this business will easily go beyond 20 lakhs. Therefore, you will definitely collect the GST number.

    Apart from this, the Aadhaar number will have to be taken in the name of the company itself, which is called Udyog Aadhaar.

    High technology products like solar panels have very high standards and are also exported. That’s why getting ISO certification is a must.

    Before starting a manufacturing unit, you will also have to get a fire safety license from the fire department so that the department can confirm whether you have made proper fire extinguishing arrangements or not.

    Apart from this, a NOC will also be taken from the Pollution Control Board that your unit is not spreading pollution.

    Raw materials for making solar panels

    Talking about raw materials, the necessary raw materials that you will have to take to make solar panels are

    • solar cell
    • solar glasses
    • Eva sheets
    • back sheet
    • copper ribbon
    • aluminum frame
    • junction box
    • silicone sealant

    To buy these raw materials, you have to find the right supplier which can be domestic or international. By searching on the internet you will find many such suppliers, but without taking goods from any one supplier, see the comparison of many people and only then choose such a supplier who will give you the goods at the right price, you also know how solar panels are made after all. Huh

    How solar panels are made

    The cells that are used in solar panels are first tested with a cell tester machine to see if they will work properly or not.

    solar manufacturing process
    Image: solar manufacturing process

    After that the copper wire is soldered with stringer machine from the cells of the panels.

    Next in the alignment segment, the negative and positive cells are joined together and then eva sheets are applied on them. The eva sheets maintain the flexibility of the panels and are further joined by iron soldering the connections.

    After this the company logo, manufacturing date, bar code and necessary details are printed.

    Now it is the turn of the ear test to find out whether the panel is correct or not. So that they can be removed and put into workable self.

    The panels are laminated with a lamination machine. Teflon sheets are used for laminating.

    After lamination the extra Teflon sheets are cut and aluminum frames are installed around the solar panels to avoid damage.

    After this, a junction box is installed in it for power supply and it is finally tested with a sun simulator machine and after packing the correct production, it is supplied to the solar panel.

    The manufacturing of solar panels is done in such a way that they last for about 20 to 25 years and from whichever company you have installed solar panels on your home, they also give its warranty.

    Machines and tools for installing solar panels

    Talking about machine tools, you will need these machines to set up a solar panels manufacturing unit.

    • Cell Testing Machine
    • laser cutting machine
    • Solar Sales Stringer Machine
    • soldering machine
    • aerial dusting machine
    • Solar Panel Lamination Machine
    • framing machine
    • Sun Simulator Testing Machine

    At least 150 to 250 kW of electricity is required to run all these machines.

    Area Required for Solar Panel Unit Setup

    Talking about the area required for the unit setup, to start the production by fitting all the necessary machines we mentioned to run the unit, to store the raw material, to do the packaging and to do the testing, approx. 3 to 4000 square feet area will be required.

    At least 20 to 25 skilled professionals, 15 to 20 unskilled people and 10 helpers will be required in a large scale pay solar panel manufacturing unit.

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    Solar Panel Business Expenses

    Compared to any other business, the process of manufacturing solar panels is very expensive.

    To set up this unit, the cost of the machines required reaches 4 to 5 crores and at least 10 to 12 crores investment is required to set up the whole unit. Because running the unit also requires a lot of staff technicians, whose salary will also cost a lot.

    The cost of the machines installed in the plant will depend on their quality and production capacity, so for such a huge amount, you will either have to find investment or take a loan from the bank.

    Solar panel business profit

    Talking about the profit, the benefits of solar panels are counted in such a way that there is a margin of 5 to 7% on each panel. Meaning the more you can increase your customer base, the more you will be in profit.

    If you are ready to setup solar panels then you can take help from Institute of Industrial Development of Central Government. For more details you can visit or call on 7607655555.

    Solar Panel Business Marketing

    Talking about marketing, when a project starts after investing crores, then you should have a professional website for that.

    Good Sales Marketing Team To support our customers it is very important to have a technical support team and apart from this there should be one or two people who help in innovation and growth in the business and create business strategy

    So keep participating in the workshops and seminars to be held in the Business Expo Technology to be held in the country. With this, you will connect with more and more people and you may get an investor.

    Apart from this, if you are seeing construction work somewhere, whether it is someone’s house, school, hotel, government building or corporate office, visit there and meet the owner or management to find out the business opportunities.

    By the way, if we talk about government subsidies and schemes, then if you install solar roof top panels up to three kilowatts, then 40% subsidy from the government and if you get up to 10 kilowatts, then you can get up to 10% subsidy.

    The subsidy scheme may be different in each state, the information of which will have to be removed from the website of the state government. How much subsidy will you get for doing other solar panels business, how to apply and what documents will you have to submit? For this you can visit the website of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Government of India.