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How to Take Franchises of a Two Wheeler Company

    How to Take Franchises of a Two Wheeler Company

    Two Wheelers. It is difficult to survive without them nowadays. You will see two wheeler in almost every family and near working people. Whether it is going to the office, going to the market, dropping the child to school, going shopping or any other daily work, even walking a step without a bike or scooter becomes difficult.

    After fulfilling the needs, comes the style fund which is more visible in the youth, then a common 100cc bike or any super bikes of 15 to 20 lakhs.

    The craze of bikes is increasing in our country. Therefore, along with Indian companies, foreign companies are also looking for their place in the Indian market and are engaged in creating a customer base in their segment, so today we will know through this post how to take a two wheeler company’s franchise or own a bike. Can open showroom.

    Growth of Two Wheeler Industry

    Talking about the Indian two wheeler industry, it is on constant growth since 1993. In 2019, about 21 million units of two wheelers were produced and it is estimated that by 2025, this production will reach about 26.5 million units.

    You can understand from this that how much the growing population of India needs two wheelers, bikes and scooties.

    The Indian two wheeler industry is dominated by Hero Motors which alone is the leading two wheeler manufacturer in India with 37% of the market share.

    After this comes the turn of Honda, TVS, Bajaj and Royal Enfield, so let’s know how to take a franchise of any two wheeler company.

    Business brand selection

    To take a two wheeler company franchise, first you have to choose your two wheeler blind, with which you will be associated. Because no matter which brand you choose, it is very important to have logic behind it.

    What is the market presence of any brand you will associate with. How much do people buy two wheelers of that company’s bike. Does the company make good products in the Palmali segment? What city are you in or what is the population of people in your area in any town? Do people also have the capacity to take two wheelers and whether there is any other bike showroom in your area or not, then after working all these factors then you will be in profit.

    How to take two wheeler company franchise

    If you go to the website of two wheeler companies, then you will see the option of applying for a franchise. You can apply by filling up the form there.

    Apart from this, if you have removed any contact from the website, then you can also inquire by talking to any higher authority of the company.

    Investment for taking a two wheeler company franchise

    After deciding whether to go with any brand, the most important factor is investment.

    To open a bike showroom, you need an investment of at least 35 lakhs to ₹ 1 crore. Because building the structure of the showroom, hiring people, team of machines for service center, equipment and tools, security, safety, electricity, brand marketing, you need at least ₹ 50 lakhs, then you can go two wheeler. Can take the franchise.

    If there is a shortage of business capital, then you have to take a loan which you can take from any government or private bank.

    Area to build a showroom

    To open a two wheeler showroom, you will need at least 4000 to 5000 square feet area.

    If you want to open the showroom as well as the service center, then the bike storage space in the showroom, customer desk, insurance desk, service center dest, service center area, staff seating area, storage to keep spare parts and equipment, owner or Showroom manager’s cabin and warehouse as well as where you should have a place to keep at least 50 to 100 two wheelers, so if the space in the showroom is less then you can take your warehouse at a short distance from the showroom.

    While constructing such a showroom, keep in mind that the showroom should not be very close to the road and there should be a free space of 20 to 30 feet in front of the showroom so that parking can be done. If there is a separate parking space, that’s great.

    Showroom Safety

    To prevent accidental fires like fire while building a showroom, you must install fire safety equipment. Also, 4 to 5 fire extinguisher kits should always be present in the showroom because no two wheeler is less than 50,000, so the safety of at least 40 to 50 lakh items in the showroom is very important.

    If you keep the showrooms insured, you can avoid financial losses.

    Support for taking a franchise

    Talking about the support available on taking a franchise, if you take a two wheeler franchise with any company, the company helps in getting the construction and design ready in choosing the location of the showroom.

    You also get local and regional marketing support. The administrative technical support of the company makes your job very easy while making an advance.

    Training is also provided to your crew members and mechanics, so overall the company guides you completely in setting up your business so that everything gets executed smoothly.


    Talking about paper work, first of all you have to get your driving license. Name in which you want to open your business.

    You have to apply for GST No.

    Udyam Aadhaar has to be taken and in the name of the company, PAN card, bank account, fire safety, NOC and if the showroom is on rent, then there should be a rent agreement.

    ITR should be filed in the name of the company only.

    Registration of the company can be done as a partnership pump if 1% companies or partnerships are there.

    Employees required to run a showroom

    For the necessary employees to run this showroom, then if someone in your family already takes the responsibility of manager or head of business in the showroom, then it is very good.

    There should be a showroom manager who will look after the overall operations. In which sales marketing, branding, business growth, team management and service center will also be included.

    The remaining three people for customer support and one employee for two wheeler insurance, 5 to 6 people at the service center, a marketing person if necessary. If seen, a team of 10 to 12 people is enough.

    Always keep a qualified price in running a two wheeler showroom so that they too give their hundred percent in their job.

    If you will get employment at the local level from your showroom, then your image among the people will also be good. If you give annual bonus, holiday and financial support to the employees in need, then they will remain loyal to you.

    How to deal with the customer in a good way

    How we have to deal with the customer in a good way because it is very important. After starting your business operation, when customers come to the showroom, then dealing well with them will grow your business.

    If the customer has reached you then he must take a two wheeler, now it is up to you how you convert him into your customer.

    • First of all, listen to the customer well that what they want Jacqueline
    • Understand their needs and show them models based in their segment.
    • If the customer is continuous, then clear his confusion and tell him everything honestly in it.
    • If a model is not selling then do not make the mistake of pasting it to your customer.
    • State the advantages and disadvantages of each product so that it is easy for the customer to make a decision.
    • If the customer demands a model which is not there, take advance before booking.
    • The more satisfied the customer is, the better it will be for you.
    • With this, new customers keep coming to a bike showroom every day, so keep their papers in such a situation.

    Maintain all the documents month wise and air and keep them safe so that you can easily get them when needed and if possible, save their scanned copy in the computer.

    Calculate how much profit loss is being made in the business every week so that you know which wing of the business is profitable and which is giving loss. With this you will be able to take the decision whether to continue that thing related to the showroom or not.

    This will shift your focus to profitable things and you will be able to invest your capital and time in pursuing the same.

    Branding and Marketing

    Talking about branding and marketing, if you are opening a showroom of any top three or top five two wheeler company in India, then almost all the brands are popular. They don’t need branding marketing. But if you have opened the first bike showroom in your area, then you can get it done in local media, printed, TV channels.

    If you launch any offer, then you can get the announcement done by auto rickshaw.

    Build your own social media pages and post about what you give the most.

    If the bike is on sale then upload the photo taken while handover to the customer.

    Maintain a database of customers and call them reminders of their service. Wish them on their birthday, anniversary and you can also send gifts to privileged customers.

    The entire market strategy is there to keep the customers happy. On New Year, Republic Day, Independence Day and festivals, you can get free service or discount or give over Gives on two wheeler purchase.