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What is Wikipedia with Full Information

    What is Wikipedia with Full Information

    You must have heard the name Wikipedia and this name would have taken a lot of work out of it. To increase your knowledge and then in today’s time, who would be unknown to Wikipedia. Yes, but you may not even know much about Wikipedia. So what should we do then? Should we not share some such information about Wikipedia, which is really informative and you also get some extra knowledge about Wikipedia, which gives knowledge about all the things in the world, so let’s talk about Wikipedia today. You take interesting knowledge about yourself. So let’s know about Wikipedia in full detail in this post.

    What is Wikipedia

    What is Wikipedia with Full Information
    Image: What is Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a free internet based encyclopedia and if you do not know, then let us tell you that encyclopedia is such a reference work which provides knowledge of all branches and provides knowledge of any particular field. That is, in which the knowledge of the whole world is filled, it is called Encyclopedia.

    The Wikipedia logo is an embedded globe made up of several parts, with several missing blocks at the top of the globe and these blocks written in different writing systems. This is the world’s free knowledge resource. There are more than 55 million articles on this website and that too in 313 different languages. Of these, about 6.2 million articles are in the English language and the languages ​​of most articles are English, Swedish, German, French and Dutch.

    You might be shocked to hear that Wikipedia is edited 350 times every minute and read more than 8000 times every second. Wikipedia is accessed from 1.5 billion devices every month and is read more than 15 billion times each month.

    Wikipedia name meaning

    Wikipedia is made up of two words. Wiki and Encyclopedia, Wiki is called Quick in Hawaiian and Encyclopedia means Knowledge of the whole world. That is, who gives quick knowledge from all over the world. The Wikipedia name was suggested by Sanger.

    Wikipedia’s Start Journey

    Wikipedia was started on 15 January 2001 and was started by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. It is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, a charitable, non-profit organization run by donations and operating Wikipedia and other Wikimedia free knowledge projects. It is an American foundation headquartered in San Francisco, California.

    The start-up journey of Wikipedia dates back to the year 2000 as the Upedia project started in March 2000. Whose intent was to publish articles written by experts and which were licensed as free content. Uppedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and editor-in-chief was Larry Sanger. Web advertising company Bomis funded this company.

    Wikipedia a nonprofit organization

    And in January 2001, Wikipedia started as a site project of UPTU. Although Wikipedia is now one of the top ten most visible websites globally, but it is the only major website in the world that is run by a non-profit organization. This foundation receives donations from all over the world, in which the average donation is about $ 15.

    Despite being quite popular, this site has to face criticism at times, as it does not cover all subject areas and issues with equal tax.

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    How Wikipedia works

    Those who work in Wikipedia are called Wikipedians. Wikipedia also has a birthday committee that wishes birthdays to all Wikipedians who list their birthdays on the site, and there are many banners that can be used to wish Wikipedia a birthday. Wikipedia is the one who writes and edits information that is helpful to people on the world level.

    Wikipedia is a volunteer service run and maintained by full time staff and thousands of contributors who work for free.

    Wikipedia is edited by more than 280,000 volunteer editors worldwide every month.

    The number of donors supporting Wikipedia is approximately 7 million. Wikipedia is very popular, but it will be so popular that its monument will be made. It is a bit surprising to know, but it is true because there is a Wikipedia Monuments located in Poland which was designed by Mihran Hakobyan.

    It was unveiled in October 2014 at Frank Fort Square. Every article in Wikipedia has a transparent provision history. If you want, you can see how every article is written step by step, Wikipedia has created some such norms and guidelines for users to avoid conflict. These are some of the most important norms..

    1. Assume Good Faith (AGF)
    2. Avoid Personal Remarks (APR)
    3. No Angry Mastodons (NAM)

    How far is Wikipedia access

    How far is the reach of Wikipedia, then you can not even imagine because Wikipedia has reached the sky because the asteroid is named after Wikipedia and the name of that asteroid is 274301 Wikipedia. Which is a West asteroid that is orbiting in the inner region of the asteroid belt.

    By the way, there is also a special thing that even though Wikipedia’s articles and readership are in the millions, but still half of the total traffic of Wikipedia comes from Google search engine. There was a time when Wikipedia was used to bring traffic to its websites. That is, links to other websites were included in the Wikipedia article. But after the change in Google search engine policy, Wikipedia made all the links no follow links.

    Is all the information found in Wikipedia correct?

    Wikipedia also opens up communities, where users can communicate about shared interests, projects, and pages.

    Wikipedia resists destructive edits. These edicts are called vandalism. That is, if someone shares a false article or inserts a nonsense on the Wikipedia page, then it can be banned because vandalism is prohibited on Wikipedia, which is really a good thing.

    Anyone can change the Wikipedia page. That is, anyone who has Internet access can edit Wikipedia pages. This means that the information provided on these pages is not necessarily always and completely reliable. Sometimes it can be completely wrong. Although administrators try to ensure appropriate information, it is impossible to catch each of these accuracy. Therefore it is not correct to consider Wikipedia as a completely authentic source. Therefore Wikipedia info should be used as an outline and not for research or medical advice. However, despite this, the information found on Wikipedia pages remains very helpful. You also believe so, and if this information shared on Wikipedia has helped you, then you must share this post with your friends and do tell us your opinion. Thank you